Apple reportedly restarts iPhone X Production after weak XS sales

3 April 2019

According to a report, Apple has again started the production of the iPhone X due to the weaker than the expected demand for its XS and XS Max models of the company. This move of Apple is supposedly owing to the agreement which is made with Samsung to purchase a definite quantity of the OLED screens. With the passes of this year’s OLED-equipped models are failing to sell in the quantities which are needed to perform the terms of the deal, the recent report suggests that the Apple is turning to the last year’s model for a better solution. Also, when the XS was first released then, the Apple stopped selling the iPhone X in stores.

Though, the iPhone X is thought to be very economical to produce than the XS or XS Max thanks to its age, which means that the manufacturing and components equipment is much cheaper than other iPhone XS, and XS Max. In the earlier days, some legacy models have been produced by the company when the demand for iPhone is enough in certain markets around the world.

However, according to a news report, Apple has decreased the production orders for all the three latest models of iPhone just because of lower than the expected demand by the users of Apple around the world.

Now, this cheaper iPhone XR is particularly thought to be struggling, as all the budget-conscious users will opt it instead for the last year’s iPhone 8 which continues to be available and it’s priced is much lower than this year’s latest budget model. It was a very similar case with the company’s earlier budget attempt, the iPhone 5c, which saw that the sales were picking up the year after its original launch as normal users caught on to its subsistence.

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Source : iPhone X Production

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